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Dog Poetry: Chain Reaction
101 Dalmatians Chalk Art
Chain Reaction
Late one night
I step out in the yard
And bark
Then the neighbor's dog barks
Then his neighbor's dog barks
And so it goes
House to house
Street to street
Town to town 
State to state
Coast to coast
Until the very last dog
Tallies up those barks
And that's how we elect our president
From  "I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs" by Francesco Marciuliano
Dog Poetry: When I See You
Dog Shopping at Nooga Paws
When I See You
When I see you head for the kitchen
I know it's time for my dinner
WHen I see you walk to the yard
I know it's time for us to play
When I see you go to the car
I know it's time for a drive
When I see you turn on the TV
I know it's time for my head on your lap
And when I see you climb into bed
I know it's time for my walk 
From "I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs" by Francesco Marciuliano
Dog Poetry: Treat
Dog Treat Nose
How long do you
Expect me
To keep
I can
Oh, my bad
Guess we better try this trick a twelfth time
-Poem from "I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs" by Francesco Marciuliano
Small Shop of the Week: Wagg n Purr Retreat

There are many awesome small businesses where you can pick up a bag of our Barley Bones Craft Dog Treats. Our Small Shop of the Week feature shares more about these shops and where you can give them a visit!

Wagg N Purr Storefront

Wagg-n-Purr Retreat in Athens, TN is a great spot to let your pets hang out for a while (along with pet daycare they also offer boarding) or just come by for a grooming or a refill on your Barley Bones stash or other dog (and cat!) goodies. 

Wagg N Purr backyard

With a great space, great pup and kitty friends and a super staff, we know that your four legged friends will enjoy their time at Wagg-N-Purr, even if it's just for a stop in to get a snack!

Wagg N Purr Friends


Wagg-N-Purr Retreat

1046 Congress Pkwy
Athens, Tennessee




Dog Poetry: Food
Dog with Bacon Barley Bones
Food food food
Food food food food
Food food
Who says a dog
Can't write a love sonnet?
Poem from I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs by Francesco Marciuliano
December 28, 2016


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Chicken Feet, What?

Dogs with chicken foot

Chicken Feet, what? Believe it or not, dogs love them and they're good for pups as well!

A benefit of Chicken Feet? They have natural glucosamine that will help with your dog's joints.

Have your pups tried our Chicken Feet? What do they think? If not, we think they will love them!