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DIY Dog Booties

DIY Insulated Dog Booties

Every dog owner worth their salt will have put their hand to a touch of dog specific accessories at some point and then immediately drop it once they see the price tag. This reality has inspired the team at Barley Bones' to find cheaper ways to keep your dog swagged out and on the playful side of life. 

With the excessive amount of snowfall we've seen in the Northeast, sorry Boston, and the expected snowstorms in the Southeast all we could think about is keeping your dog's paws clean and protected. The salt and other chemicals used to melt snow can wreak havoc on the pads of your dog's feet and if ingested, may cause harm. During the R&D stage, we found the bootie design from Pawz to be our favorite. Dog's love the style of this boot because they can still feel the ground and can easily strut around in them. See below to find our quick & easy tips to recreate the booties from Pawz for much, much less. HAPPY CRAFTING!

PRO TIP: If you want your pup to also have soft puppy like pads then we recommend using a paw balm on their paws before you put on their new hand crafted diy doggie booties. 

  You need:

  • Balloons - Preferably in a color that will match the collar (12IN/30.4CM) or (5IN/12.7CM for small breeds)
  • Baby Socks - For Insulation (The puppy baby thing just got too real)
  • Scissors
  • Another set of hands if you're making a pair for a bigger dog


How to:

1. Take your scissors and cut the neck part of the balloon off. Keeping in mind the length of your dogs paw.


2. Use your fingers to keep the mouth of the balloon open wide, so you can go ahead and insert the baby sock. You can also put the sock on your dog's paw first and then slide the balloon over the sock. (This is where you may need that second pair of hands)


If you have any tips or ticks that you discover while crafting your Dog Booties, then please share below in the comments. Thank you, and keeps those paws warm! 


Dash - Gigi's Rescue Pals! - Shelter Dogs for Adoption

Dash is the name and darting is my game! I am so sweet and fun loving, but I am not quite potty trained yet and I still have my puppy personality. I do chew on things so rubber kongs for me only or I tend to eat stuffing.  I love to play tug of war! I was found wondering around because I love being outside. Please let me charm you!! Contact McKamey Animal Shelter for more information, (423) 305-6500.


Byron - Gig's Rescue Pals - Shelter Dogs for Adoption

Hi! My name is Byron. I am a Whippet/Boxer mix I'm a little shy. I would do best in a home with someone that would spend plenty of time running and playing with me, I'm very playful. I also know how to sit! I potty outside. When you leave the house, I may follow you to the door, and be wait for you to return. Maybe you could be my forever home! Contact McKamey Animal Shelter for more information, (423) 305-6500.





Barbie - Gigi's Rescue Pals - Shelter Dogs for Adoption

I am Barbie, a 10 month old Terrier mix! I am still a puppy and have plenty of energy but I am very calm inside. I know "sit" and would be easily trained for other commands. I walk great on a leash, I'm very gentle. I like to sit on your lap and cuddle. I am potty trained.Don't worry about the bare spot on my back.  The hair is growing back in! Please be my forever home!!

 Please contact the Mckamey Animal Center adoption desk at (423) 305-6500 (ext 100) for more information.


Who's Your Superhero?

For the last several months we have been posting dogs that are ready for adoption at Mckamey Animal Center in Chattanooga TN. It has been our pleasure to do so, but we want to do more to highlight these superhero in need of their forever sidekick! In the end are we not just a sidekick to man's best friend? We are the ones there to get them out of a jam, give them the praise they so deserve and require. We just wanted to share some of the our favorite superheroes from the past several months.

Keep an eye out on our blog and Facebook page for the new and old dog that are looking for their forever homes! Also feel free to show off your superhero on our Facebook page!






February 02, 2015


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Dogs of Tinder

Dating in the human world is tough, and even dogs are finding it more difficult to meet their perfect match at the dog park. Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and these dogs are taking extreme measures to ensure they aren't forever alone. The team at Barley Bones' took it upon themselves to create Tinder profiles for the furry singles below:



This post was inspired by the recent discovery of the app called BarkBuddy. This app makes scouting for a lonely pup in your area easier, similar to Tinder. For those of you who don't have any idea what I'm talking about, Tinder is a ‘dating’ app that was probably inspired by the idea of having a lovechild with


February 02, 2015


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5 Puppy Sized Tips for New Dog Owners

It's around week two of coexisting with a 5 month old puppy named Samson, who follows us around like a shadow; however, he’s quickly approaching month 6 and I have a feeling as soon as we notice our “shadow” is gone, we’ll find him chewing on a favorite pair of sheep skin slippers.

Listed below are 5 (obvious to me now) tips that will prevent you from thinking, “what the heck did I get myself into?”

1. Get a crate if you want to make house training easier. If you’re against dog crates, you should know that they were designed to resemble doghouses; contrary to popular belief they are not cages! Before dogs ever worried about being house trained, they would dig shallow holes in the ground away from any possible threats. These makeshift dog dens were dark, small, and just big enough for them to turn around and lie down in. Knowing this, we threw a towel over young Samson’s crate, but found out later he preferred to have the towel inside rather than outside.

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2. Pick a designated potty spot. If you don’t like watching out for dog landmines while in your yard, pick one area and take ole’ scruffy directly there when it’s potty time. Or you can go ahead and teach your puppy this useful trick.

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3. Expose your pup to the novel things that they may become fearful of later in life. People in funny hats. Remote control cars. Kids playing. Vacuums. Bicycles. UPS trucks. Hair Dryers. Agility equipment. Balloons. Cats. Car rides. You sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda’s 1980’s workout tapes.

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4. Don’t use ammonia-based cleaners. The smell will actually encourage your pup to pee there again because it is similar to urine. Instead use an enzymatic cleaner like Simple Solutions or Nature’s Miracle.

5. Routine is everything. If your puppy knows what to expect day to day, housetraining will go by a lot smoother. 

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