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Bones Unboxing & Taste Test: OTPU

Sulu staring at a Barley Bone

We recently sent some Barley Bones to Robert of Orlando Theme Park Updates and his pup, Sulu, for a taste test! Based on the photos alone, I think he might've liked them! You can check out the video and see a live taste test of our Barley Bones!

Also, we love the fact that Robert and his family adopted Sulu when they were looking for a family pet! Rescues dogs are some of the best ones! Without further ado, here is the OTPU unboxing and taste test video! 


 We're so happy that Sulu loves his Barley Bones and so happy that he has an awesome family that adopted him!

Sulu in a Chair

April Dog of the Month: Millie

We at Barley Bones are big believers in adoption when looking for a dog to join our families. We are teaming up with the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society for a Dog of the Month feature to share some of the area's most eligible dogs for adoption! If you adopt one of our sponsored dogs, you will also receive a coupon for a free bag of our Barley Bones treats to start your lives together!

Millie Dog of the Month April

EDIT:  Upon posting this Dog of the Month post, we found out that Millie was adopted last weekend! She has a new fantastic home and fantastic new name- June!

Please meet possibly the best dog on earth! Ok, maybe not all of earth, but 1 year, 7 month old Retriever mix, Millie, is pretty incredible. She loves, loves loves other dogs. Millie can calm the rowdiest dog and get the most skittish dog excitable!!! She knows when to back off and call time out when if play gets too rough. Oh, and does she ever like humans!!!

Millie Dog of the Month

To be such a youngster, Millie is a chilled out little pupper. She enjoys walks, playing with toys, doggy friend time and just relaxing with you. She's kinda perfect. And she'd love to find a home soon!



Product News: CBD Oil Products

We wanted to let you, our amazing customers, know that the Barley Bones CBD oil products will no longer be offered on our online store. Shopify Inc. has requested we pull them from our virtual shelves but we are working to find a solution to make them available again online.  

As always, thank you so much for your support of our Barley Bones products and treating your pups with our handmade treats!


Dog Poetry: When I See You
Dog Shopping at Nooga Paws
When I See You
When I see you head for the kitchen
I know it's time for my dinner
WHen I see you walk to the yard
I know it's time for us to play
When I see you go to the car
I know it's time for a drive
When I see you turn on the TV
I know it's time for my head on your lap
And when I see you climb into bed
I know it's time for my walk 
From "I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs" by Francesco Marciuliano
Bones Unboxing: Happy Living

Recently we sent Kevin and Jen Fox, the couple behind the Happy Living Youtube channel, some Barley Bones Craft Treats.  They have two adorable dogs, Douglas and Buddy,  and they are a super cool couple that do kinds of fun stuff around the Central Florida area and video it to share with the world.  Check out their unboxing video! 

Even though there's no video of a taste test due to some feeling under the weather pups, Jen snapped an adorable photo of Douglas enjoying his Peanut Mutter Bones! 

Dug with Peanut Mutter Treats



April 04, 2017


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Dog Poetry: Sympathy
Silly Dog
I'm not expecting 
Any sympathy
I'm not asking 
For any pity
I'm not seeking
Any condolences
I'm not hoping 
For any sorrow
But that giant roast
You were going to have for your party
Before I just ate it
Still isn't sitting right in my belly
So maybe I am expecting 
A small sense of gratitude
For saving you from this pain


From "I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs" by Francesco Marciuliano

April 01, 2017

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Congrats to Nooga Paws!
Nooga Paws Goody Bag
We just wanted to say CONGRATS to our friends at Nooga Paws! They are having their grand reopening today and we're excited to see their expanded space and the training and grooming opportunities they are bringing to the pups of Chattanooga!