What Is A Craft Dog Biscuit?

What Is A Craft Dog Biscuit

Spent Grain.Barley Bones Craft Doggie Treats are made from spent malted barley, a by-product of the beer brewing process, in combination with organic oat and rye flours.  Spent malted barley contains a high protein content, a high content of digestible fiber, a significantly low fat content, and is a great source of minerals, making it an excellent foundation for dog treats and foods. We choose our ingredients with purpose. 

Dog treat ingredietns.Barley Bones strives to use as many organic ingredients as possible, and we work hard to source them locally or regionally. Our spent barley comes from local breweries, our cheddar cheese is made in Philadelphia, TN. We purchase sustainable sweet potatoes and wild flower honey from small local farmers, and make an all natural, sustainably grown in-house puree for use in our Sweet Potato & Honey flavor.

Cutting dog treats.Barley Bones takes pride in sourcing as many of our ingredients as locally as possible. Currently up to 80% of our ingredients are sourced from Chattanooga or within 100 miles of our manufacturing facility. Beyond that if we can not find a source within 100 miles, we search for the closest possible grower, manufacturer, or supplier. We want Barley Bones to be a unique and truly sustainable product.


Bacon dog treats being packaged.As a company we go beyond responsibly sourcing the ingredients that are in every bag of Barley Bones. We complete as many processes in-house as possible. Whether it’s our salt free peanut butter or our smoky lard, it is important to know where the ingredients are being made.Barley Bones takes pride in the product we create, the ingredients we choose, and the processes we utilize. We strive to set a standard for how we treat our customers, employees, and products, and we hope it shows. These are the qualities that create a Craft Dog Biscuit